Lawrence "David" Davis


David has more than 25 years as a leader in the use of advanced computer science for industry and government. He specializes in optimization, simulation and advanced analytics applications. He has created more than 100 successful optimization systems for Air Liquide, NASA, Chevron, Ford Motor Company, Wells Fargo and others. David has written and/or edited four books on genetic algorithm optimization and published more than 40 papers. He was elected in the inaugural class of ten Senior Fellows by the International Society for Genetic and Evolutionary Computation. David has done groundbreaking work in scheduling, planning, network security, economic decision support and fraud detection.

Dick Ravin

  Vice President, Marketing and Sales

Dick has three decades of marketing and communication experience. Before joining VGO, he  produced notable print and digital media, including a WEBBY-Award nominated website for PBS. He has created marketing strategy, educational material and corporate communications for the Staples Corporation, Oxfam America and Pearson Education. Dick began his career as a leading executive for Hearst Entertainment, one of Hollywood’s largest TV program suppliers. He developed, sold, and oversaw a multitude of TV movie and miniseries projects for major networks.

David Orvosh


David has nearly twenty years experience in industry as a software developer.  He's an expert in genetic algorithms and other approaches to optimization. He has written programs for multiple real-world, fielded systems. His clients have included United States Sugar, Motorola, U S West, Cisco, and Hershey's.