VGO Associates is a world leader in the use of advanced computer science in optimization, advanced analytics and simulation. We solve real world problems for clients in business, industry and government.

Advanced Analytics

advanced analytics
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What hidden values does your database contain? Find new insights and revenue using VGO Associates' powerful analysis tools and techniques.


advanced analytics
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How can you save money, increase efficiency, or predict customer behavior? Our advanced simulation methods will make your decisions more confident and effective.


advanced analytics
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Are you losing profit, wasting resources or making decisions based on guesswork or old habits? VGO’s advanced optimization techniques can help you build business systems that minimize risk and deliver high ROI.    

Analytics for Multi-Million Dollar Results

VGO President David Davis on the benefits of advanced analytics.


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What's New

Will the Internet’s Increasing Speed, Size, and Complexity Lead to Catastrophe?

VGO associate Ted Belding talks about what he's excited about now. You can read his blog at

There was a thought-provoking piece in the New York times a while back:

As the Arista founders say, the promise of having access to mammoth amounts of data instantly, anywhere, is matched by the threat of catastrophe. People are creating more data and moving it ever faster on computer networks.

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